Installing WordPress More Than Once on The Same Domain Name

In this article I’m going to show you how to install WordPress more than once on the same domain name.  Now to be brought there step by step tutorial showing you how then once you’ve already installed WordPress on your domain name the first time this is how you’re going to install it the second time. So you just want to start in your control panel and we scroll down to find software forward slash services.

And then click quick install.

Then on the left-hand side just click WordPress.

And on the right hand side click install WordPress.

Then you’re just going to choose your domain name from this drop-down.

And then on the right hand side you’re going to type something into this box.

So normally you leave this box blank when you’re installing WordPress but when you’re going to install it a second time this is when you type something into this box. So if we just open up blog com and a new window which is the domain name we’re using. We can see here that I have a demo blog setup on this domain. If you look up at the top in the URL bar you’ll see M….. blog com.

If we just go back to the quick install page you’ll see here M….. blog com now if I type something into this box on the right hand side say I type example in here.


Then we’re just going to enter our email address on our blog title then our admin user our first name and our last name. So these are just the same steps you would normally follow when installing wordpress.

The only thing that’s different is that we’ve typed something into this box .

Once you’ve done that just click underneath where it says instead a wordpress.

 And we just need to wait for our install to finish once its installed.

We can just click here where it says view credentials.

And you’ll see here my admin area link is M….. blog com forward slash example /w p hyphen admin. So normally it would just be M….. blog com forward slash WP hyphen admin but now we have the word example in between.

So I’m just going to login here.

And then if I visit the site you’ll see that this is a brand new wordpress install on M….. blog com forward slash example.


Then in the other window we still have M…. blog com and if we refresh the page it’s still exactly the same.

So the only difference is it has forward slash example on the new one we can literally do this as many times as we like and install WordPress again. And again and just keep changing the word after our domain name. So that’s how you install wordpress more than once on the same domain name.

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