How To Track WordPress Statistics / Analytics without Google

Today I’m going to show you how to track your different statistics or analytics on WordPress. This is going to be things like how many people are visiting your site which pages they’re visiting and how often they’re spending on each page. So what we need to do to track our WordPress statistics is download and install a free plugin. So just click on the left hand side where it says Plugins.

And then up at the top click Add New.

Now in the top right in the search bar we’re just going to type WP and then the word Statistics.

Then just hit return on your keyboard to search and it should be this first one called WP statistics. Just click Install Now.

And then once it’s installed click Activate plugin.

Once the plug-in has been activated we can now track our statistics by clicking on the left hand side where it says statistics.

This page is an overview which will show us a summary of all the different statistics. And then we can see each of the individual statistics in more detail by clicking the options underneath on the left hand side.

Obviously there’s very little statistics at the minute because we’ve just installed the plugin. But after a few days you’ll start to see more and more statistics showing up here. If we visit our dashboard and Scrolls on we’ll see we also have this quick stats box which contains some of our statistics.

So that’s why you track your statistics or analytics on WordPress.

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