How to Remove Post or Page Titles on WordPress

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the title from a page or post in WordPress ok so to remove the title from a page or post in WordPress we just need to install and activate a free plugin. So just click on the left hand side where it says plugins.

And then up at the top click Add New.

Now in the search bar in the top right we’re just gonna type the words title remover and then hit return on our keyboard to search.

Now it’s this first one here by Britney Internet services.

And you just need to click here where it says Install Now.

And then Activate plugin.

Now when we add a new post or page or we added an old one. So I’ll just go into my pages here.

And I’ve only got my sample page. So I’ll add up my sample page.

And here on the right hand side in the page and post editors. You’ll now see this here check box under where it says hide title.

Yu can just check this box to hide the title for this page or post. And now when we update the page.

And view the page.

We’ll see that it no longer has a visible title.

Some themes whenever you assign a homepage as a static front page they don’t remove the title. So this is a good way to do that and there are a few other reasons to remove your title as well. So that’s how you do it anyway

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