How to Password Protect WordPress Pages in Seconds!

In this article we’re going to be covering how to password protect WordPress pages and posts. Sometimes we might want to limit the access to certain pages on our WordPress site and a super easy way of doing this is by making them password-protected pages. For this example I’ve created a simple page with an image and some text on it and this is the page that I’m wanting to limit access.

To sudo password protect WordPress pages and posts, we just need to open them up in the editor and on the right hand side in the publishing options.

We should see it says visibility public if, we click where it says add it beside this.

We can change it from public to password-protected.

Then we just want to enter the password that’s going to be used for this page or post.

Then update it or publish the page.

Now when we try to access the page even when we’re logged in we’re going to need the enter the password to access it.

So that’s what a password protect WordPress pages and posts.


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