How To Duplicate Menus on WordPress — Duplicate WordPress Menus

In this article I’m going to show you how to duplicate your different menus on WordPress. So sometimes whenever you need very similar menus rather than having to recreate the same menu again. We can just duplicate the original menu and then make a few changes to be able to duplicate our menus on WordPress. We just need to install and activate a free plugin. So from the dashboard on the left hand side we just click Plugins.

And then up at the top click Add New.

Not on the top right in the search bar we’re just going to type the words Duplicate menu.

Then hit return on our keyboard to search and it should be this first one by Jonathan Christopher. Once we find it just click Install Now.

And once it’s installed Activate plugin.

Not on the left hand side if we click where it says Appearance.

And then underneath we can click Duplicate menu.

Now here in this drop-down menu we’ll see a list of all the different menus. We’ve created on our site for me I only have this one menu called sample. So we choose the menu that we want to duplicate.

And then choose a name for our new duplicated menu. So for me I’m just going to call this sample 2 and then underneath click duplicate menu.

Now when we click on Menus.

We’ll see here we can choose between sample and now I have sample 2.

Which is exactly the same. So that’s how you can duplicate different menus on WordPress.


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