How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

In this article I want to walk you through how you can duplicate a WordPress page or a post with a single click.

So quickly we’ll cover why would you want to do that. Well if you’re updating a post but you don’t want to affect the live version normally you could just copy all the content, create a new post, place that content in there. The problem with that is you’re missing out on some of the other elements coming over, things like your featured image, some of your SEO data, maybe your tags.

So you really want to be able to clone or copy the whole item and I’ll show you how to do that in this article. First thing you want to do is go ahead and head over to your WordPress dashboard. We will be installing a plug-in. So let’s head over to the plugins, add new,

and we are searching for the duplicate posts plugin.  Let’s install it,

once its installed let’s go ahead and activate it as well.

Alright we see it’s activated here can either go into the settings

and make some changes to show what all you want copied over. These are all the good items to copy over by default.

So we’ll just keep it like that and you can add a prefix so it keeps things separate we’ll say copy

and then here you can list things that you don’t want copied over.

Alright I’m going to click Save Changes.

Now let’s go ahead and find a post that we want to clone

and say that this is the one I want to work on

Let’s clone it

and now you see the copy «markup tags and formatting» the other one is down here

and click Edit here

and now you see all the formatting has come over which is great but we also have the categories that has come over,

the tags,

if we had a featured image that would come over as well

and now we can safely work on this draft without worrying about the live item getting messed up. 

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