How to Display Facebook Events on Your WordPress Site

In this article you’ll learn how you can add Facebook events to your WordPress website. So if you’re ready let’s go ahead and get started. Just follow the link in the description below to head over to the page plugins section. From this Page you want to scroll down and add your Facebook page URL like you see here.

When you put in the page URL you’ll see an example of what it will look like. You can choose different settings to change the way that it will look for your website like you see I’m doing.

For the tab section you want to type in Events.


Once you have everything set up how you want it go ahead and click the Get Code part.

Aand we’ll want to copy both of these pieces in different parts of our website. So your first one we want to copy this bit of Code.

Head back over to your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Appearance, Editor area.

And we’re looking for the Header.php page.

And right after you see this Body tag here, start a new line and you’ll want to add that code in there.

Now Update the file.

And then we need to head back over to that page. And then down here you want to copy this and this is the code that we will use to paste where we want the events to appear.

For this site we’re going to put it under a Widgets area.

I’m going to go to my widgets section under Appearance. I’m going to scroll down to my Text widget.

And I want to left click drag this up to my sidebar area.

Once you have the text open you want to click on the text area instead of visual.

And then paste that code here and let’s click Save.

Now when we go to our website we can see it in action on my sidebar.

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