How to Create a «Sticky» Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a sticky floating sidebar widget in WordPress. Floating sidebar items that stick to your screen as you scroll tend to have a higher click through and conversion rate that static objects do. This is great for email optin forms or maybe a product promotion. to get started,  we’ll instal and activate Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin and then go to Appearance->Widgets.

In the upper right field click Secondary Widget Area

Down here you see a new checkmark «fixed widget» available.

I’ll click on that and hit save.

Now that will stay on my site as I scroll. Next, we can go over to the options area for the fixed widget.

And most of these options I am going to keep as the default but here If you set the screen max width,

If you put it in a resolution it will disable on anything that is smaller.

Than that this is great for tablets or phones the widget wont’ show up on those.

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