How To Add Images to your WordPress Sidebar and Widget Areas

So to be able to add images to our sidebar and other widget areas, we first just need to install a plugin. So we just need to head over to our dashboard by clicking our site title at the top. Then on the left hand side click plugins.


And up at the top click Add New.

Now in the search bar on the top right we’re just going to type the words image widget into the search bar widget is spelled widget.

Once you type it in just hit return on your keyboard to search and it’s going to be this first plugin here, just click Install Now.

And WordPress is going to download the plug-in automatically and we just need to click here where it says Activate plugin.

Now if we head over to our widget areas by clicking Appearance on the left hand side.

And Widgets underneath.

We’ll see here that under available widgets we. Now have this new one image widget. So just click and drag the image widget to where you’re wanting the image to appear.

And then here click select an image.

Now you can either choose an image from your media library or click upload files

and search for an image on your computer. I’m just going to use this one for the example and once you click on it don’t worry about title and alternative text, we’re going to add that in a second just click insert into widget.

Then you’re going to see your image appear as a preview here.

And underneath where it says title this is going to be the Title for your SEO and also for the widget area itself. So in your sidebar this title is going to show up. So I’m just going to type example image for the example.

Then underneath you can type your alternative text for SEO.

And if you want to add a caption you can add that in here.

If you want to link the image to another page on your site or to another website you can just enter the link in here.

And I recommend that if you’re adding a link to another website you change this drop-down to open a new window.

This way whenever someone clicks on the image and goes to the new website your web sites going to remain open in the background. Then here underneath we can choose what size we want it although no matter how large we make it it’s going to shrink our image, so it fits into the sidebar.

Then we can choose our alignment.

And once we’re done click Save.

Now when we visit our site by clicking our site title at the top. We’ll see here that our image is now in the sidebar.

So as you can see the title shows up that we entered in it shows up as the widget title and if I have added in a link the image would be clickable so that’s how you add images to your sidebar and other widget areas in WordPress

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