How To Add A YouTube Subscribe Button on WordPress

Today I’m going to show you how to add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website or blog. So the first thing we need to do is just install a plugin. So from the dashboard on the left-hand side just click where it says plugins.

And then up at the top click Add New.

Now in the search bar on the top right just type the words Youtube subscribe button.

And hit return on your keyboard to search. It should be this first one and whenever you find it just click install now.

Then activate plugin.

And now we’re going to head over to our widget area they are the YouTube subscribe button to our site. So on the left-hand side just click Appearance.

And then under that click widgets.

An i under available widgets if we just scroll down. We’ll see here we now have YouTube subscribe button and if we just click and drag it into position.


We can I give it a title. So I’m just going to type subscribe on YouTube.

Then underneath we just need to type in our channel name or channel ID if you don’t know it you can’t just click here.


And it’s going to ask you to sign in and then show the youtube ID for that channel I already knew my channel name is let’s build WordPress. So I’m just going to type that in here.

Then for layout and theme i’m just going to leave these booths as default but for layout you can choose between default and ful. So if you choose ful it’s going to show your profile image as well as the share button.

And then theme there’s dark and default.

Once you’re happy with everything here just click see if.

And now when we visit our site we’ll see there’s our title and there’s our subscribe button.

So hopefully that helps you get a few more subscribers on your YouTube channel using your WordPress website or blog.

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