How to Add a Twitter Feed on WordPress

Today I’m going to show you how to add a Twitter feed or multiple Twitter feeds to your WordPress website or blog. So just before we begin I do want to mention that this is only going to work if you’re using the self hosted version of WordPress. We just need to install a plugin, so just click Plugins on the left hand side.

And then Add New up at the top.

Then in the search bar in the top right you just want to type the words Easy Twitter feed.

Then hit return on your keyboard to search and it should be this first one called easy Twitter feed widget plugin. Once you find it just click Install Now.

And once it’s installed Activate plugin.

Now if we head on over to our widget area by clicking Appearance.

And then Widgets.

We’ll see under available widgets we now have the easy Twitter feed widget. We can now just click and drag this into position.

And when we do we can add a title. So for the example I’m just going to type my Twitter feed.

Then Twitter widget ID we can just leave this alone.


And Twitter screen name this is where you’re going to type your Twitter name. You don’t need to type the OP symbol just your name.

Then we can set a tweet limit. So for example if you only wanted 5 or 10 tweets to show up in your sidebar you can set that here.

You can choose if you want to show replies or not .

You can leave the widget width and hide alone normally it looks fine but if for whatever reason it looks a bit off you can come back here and change.

It then underneath where it says Twitter widget theme. We can choose between light and dark.

You can enter the hacks code or color code for your widget links if you want them to be a different color there are .


A few other settings as well like whether you want to shoe the widget header or footer. I normally just leave everything like this alone if you’re wanting to set the border color you can do that here.

Then if we scroll down underneath here where it says use Twitter widget background color. I just normally set this to no.

And then click Save.

Now when we visit our site. We’ll see that we now have our Twitter feed in our sidebar. Then there’s also this button here that says tweet to you and then your Twitter username.

And if your visitors click this it’s going to prompt them to send you a tweet.

If they’re not already signed in it’s going to prompt them to sign in and then bring them to this screen so that’s how you add your Twitter feed to WordPress.

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