How To Add A Site-Wide Message on WordPress

In this article I’m going to show you how to add a site-wide message to your WordPress website or blog. So to add a site-wide message on WordPress we just need to install and activate a free plugin. So from the dashboard on the left hand side just click where it says plugins.

And then up at the top click Add New.

Now in the search bar in the top right we’re just going to type the words site-wide message and then hit return on our keyboard to search.

It should be this first one by that blogger and we just need to click here where it says Install Now.

And then Activate plugin.

Now if we click dashboard on the left hand side underneath we’ll see it noise says Site Message just click here .

Then we need to check the box to turn it on.

We can type our site wide message into this box. So for me I’m just going to type example site word message.

Then underneath we can choose our message URL. So if we want the message to be a clickable link .So for the example I’ll just link to YouTube.

Then here underneath we can choose link location I suggest setting this to New Window if you’re linking to an external site if you’re linking to a page on your own site you would change this to Same window.

Then underneath we can choose the color of our message and our text. So for the example I’ll make it a blue background and white text.

We can choose to hide it when we’re logged in.

Or we can even schedule it underneath. So we can have it only running for a specific time you just need to check this box and then enter the display did and when you want it to expire.

Once we’ve set everything up here we can just click Save Changes.

Now when we visit our site we’ll see here examples site-wide message on a blue grond.

And when we click on it it opens up YouTube in a new window.

So that’s how you can quickly and easily add a site-wide message on WordPress that shows up on every page or blog post of your site.


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